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Promotional Video Production

For many sectors, brands, services and products there’s no better way to communicate your key messages than with an engaging video that captures your story.  With video rapidly being demanded to help make buying decisions, having great productions at incredible price points makes great business sense.

Event Video Production

Many people talk about timeless moments but have no way of reliving them or sharing them with others.  Whether you’re looking to market an event for your next client or simply something to remember a special occasion, nothing quite lets you relive the moment more than a professional event video.

Corporate Video Production

Communication within your business is key. A great value corporate video provides you with material that is designed to be used internally to contribute to the organisation of your business. Whether for coaching, new service launch or disseminating a key message, we work with you to script, film and distribute your news.

Educational/Explainer Video

Online teaching, courses and education have become more and more popular, in many cases it's essential. You put so much effort into the content you share but often being able to revisit it and share it in a professional and appealing manner gets left by the way as you have to move on to the next lesson or course.  We can help you take remote sessions and edit them down to media that will add value to existing students and attract new ones too.

Many schools have also found that a DVD production of Christmas, Easter or other school event allows for greater production wow factor! With parents and carers not always able to make a show, a DVD or online production is a brilliant way of allowing more people to see their children and also opens a new revenue stream to education bodies.

Media Conversion

Booking and Prices

Many people still have old tapes and other media lying around with precious memories or business information on.  Vidigi can take most forms of media and transfer it to that you can enjoy those memories from years gone by, have access to photos of past projects or just stopped old storage methods from failing when you least expect it.  Most of our customers have VHS, Hi8 or Mini DV but we havent found a medium that we cant work with yet. 

Whether you have a project in mind, would like our help to create an idea together, or just want to enquire about prices, Contact Us and we will be happy to help out! However much an idea you have, from just a rough brain child to a fully scripted production we can help make a reality.  Every project is different but we able to make all budgets stretch further than you would imagine.